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We turn data into actionable insights to revolutionise decision-making in your business.


intellinexus - data and technology experts

Intellinexus combines innovation and expertise with access to the best talent to help organisations become smarter, more agile and better equipped to deal with the complexities of a dynamic operating environment.

Who we are

What we do

Our expert teams apply a mastery of data and technology to craft strategies that revolutionise business decision-making.

We help our clients become adaptive and data-driven organisations that can make better decisions and achieve better business outcomes.

We do this through the smart application of data and technology to gain real-time, actionable insights into the performance of our clients’ businesses.

By helping our clients build better data, analytics and business intelligence capabilities, we empower organisations with the technology tools to continuously deliver on their business objectives.

Ecosystem for a Data-Driven Organisation

Organisations that make the best decisions will have the best chance at success - no matter the disruption. Better decisions require the ability to collect, process and analyse data for insights. Organisations should start by building a strategy toward becoming truly data-driven, with technology as the enabler. By using data science, business intelligence and data management to empower teams with better decision-making capabilities, organisations can build greater resilience against any future disruption.

What are the technologies that can bring these competencies and capabilities to life in my business?

How we work

We are dedicated to our craft and take a structured, methodical approach based on years of experience in delivering successful business and data intelligence solutions.

We take a long-term view of planning and ensure we fearlessly embrace the latest developments in data analytics to co-create innovative solutions for our clients.

Ours is a considered and consistent approach to business intelligence that ensures we can connect, execute and understand business challenges and the role of data and analytics in successful business outcomes.

Our D.R.I.V.E Framework

Organisations are in a race to develop business and technology strategies that can build greater resilience, improve efficiencies and ensure long-term success. Intellinexus provides expert strategic guidance and a mastery of technology and data to ensure organisations can strategically use data insights to achieve their business outcomes.

Our services can help accelerate digital transformation success at every stage of the journey through the application of our DRIVE framework, which involves:

  1. Discover the current state and associated challenges through in-depth research, interviews with key stakeholders, assessments and technology and skills audits.
  2. Review and analysis to determine the solution design framework and recommended roadmap.
  3. Implement and deliver the tech architecture and data vision, frameworks, use cases and models.
  4. Value measurement to ensure projects deliver on business outcomes linked to building trust, improving systems and processes and harnessing data to drive decision-making.
  5. Evolve the strategy to ensure continued growth and efficiency through ongoing training, talent sourcing, support and value-tracking.

Our D.R.I.V.E framework provides the track


Our services combine a mastery of data and analytics and an optimal mix of talent and technology to empower organisations with data-driven decision-making. We deliver business impact at every stage of the value chain and guide organisations to develop strategies that turn data into intelligence to power organisational growth and efficiency.

Our services include

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Technology partners we work with

While Intellinexus does not align with one partner over another but rather takes an agnostic approach to ensure we choose the best solution to meet our clients needs. Technology is not the strategy; it is the enabler.

We do however ensure that our consultants stay abreast of all the latest technology advancements so that we can make best recommendations and this understanding allows us to stretch our partners and client solutions.


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